1. I am without Knowledge now.
  2. Knowledge is with me. Where am I?
  3. What do I really know?
  4. I want what I think I know.
  5. I believe what I want to believe.
  6. I have a true foundation in the world.
  7. (Review)
  8. Today I will be still.
  9. In stillness all things can be known.
  10. What is Knowledge?
  11. I am not apart from life.
  12. My individuality is to express life itself.
  13. I want to be separate to be unique.
  14. (Review)
  15. I shall listen to my experience today.
  16. Beyond my mind is Knowledge.
  17. Today I want to hear the truth.
  18. Today I feel the truth arising within myself.
  19. Today I wish to see.
  20. I will not let doubt and confusion slow my progress.
  21. (Review)
  22. I am surrounded by the Teachers of God.
  23. I am loved, surrounded and supported by the Teachers of God.
  24. I am worthy of God's love.
  25. I am at one with the greatest truth of life.
  26. My errors give birth to my Knowledge.
  27. I have a Wisdom that I wish to discover.
  28. (Review)
  29. I will observe myself today to learn of Knowledge
  30. Today I will observe my world.