Marc Edmund Jones met Elsie Wheeler in 1923. As Marc later described the occasion, he was sponsoring Elsie because he admired her spunk. She had a brilliant and imaginative mind, but was seriously crippled with arthritis, and confined to a wheelchair. "She couldn't turn her head and could barely hold her hands."

At that time Elsie was scared of anything psychic, but within a year she had become one of Marc's students, joined a spiritualist church and was making a good living as a medium. But Elsie had mentioned several times that she wanted to do something more significant.


In 1925, one day, Marc had carefully prepared 360 white, unlined, 3" x 5" index cards for the four sessions by writing one of the astrological degrees on each of the cards. The cards were shuffled continuously during the process. Each card was placed face down before her and "she reported on the picture she saw by inward vision."

Neither of them knew which degree was being dealt with during the time she was describing the picture, Marc hurriedly wrote down the brief description on each card as Elsie would describe the image she saw.

The Energetic Heart, WingMakers Painting from the Hakomi Project, by James Mahu.