1. A sightseeing bus
  2. A broken bottle and spilled perfume
  3. A house-raising
  4. A youth holding a lighted candle
  5. A massive, rocky shore
  6. A gold rush
  7. Deep-sea divers
  8. The moon shining across a lake
  9. Dental work
  10. A fellowship supper
  11. A drowning man rescued
  12. An embassy ball
  13. An inventor experimenting
  14. Telephone linemen at work
  15. Children playing around five mounds of sand
  16. A girl's face breaking into a smile
  17. A woman the father of her own child
  18. A woods rich in autumn coloring
  19. A parrot listening and then talking
  20. A woman drawing two dark curtains aside
  21. A soldier derelict in duty
  22. Hunters starting out for ducks
  23. A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy
  24. Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man
  25. An X ray
  26. Indians making camp
  27. A military band on the march
  28. The king of the fairies approaching his domain
  29. An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children
  30. The Halloween jester