1. A public market
  2. A squirrel hiding from hunters
  3. A petrified forest
  4. Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus
  5. A church bazaar
  6. Officers on dress parade
  7. A cross lying on rocks
  8. A girl blowing a bugle
  9. A jockey
  10. An aviator in the clouds
  11. Men seeking illumination
  12. An examination of initiates
  13. A sword in a museum
  14. A lady in fox fur
  15. An officer preparing to drill his men
  16. The flow of inspiration
  17. An Easter promenade
  18. A gigantic tent
  19. A master instructing his pupil
  20. A table set for an evening meal
  21. A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant
  22. A man bringing down the new law form the Sinai
  23. Spiritist phenomena
  24. An inhabited island
  25. The purging from the priesthood
  26. A new moon that divides its influences
  27. A harvest moon
  28. A fertile garden under the full moon
  29. A prism
  30. The Great Stone Face