1. A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it
  2. The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh
  3. The dawn of a new day, everything changed
  4. A group around a campfire
  5. A man teaching the true inner knowledge
  6. The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized
  7. A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks
  8. A blazing fireplace in a deserted home
  9. Three old masters hanging in an art gallery
  10. A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters
  11. A professor peering over his glasses
  12. Miners emerging from a mine
  13. Children blowing soap bubbles
  14. A noon siesta
  15. Circular paths
  16. A boat landing washed away
  17. A retired sea captain
  18. Two men placed under arrest
  19. A gang of robbers in hiding
  20. A Jewish rabbi
  21. A crowd upon the beach
  22. A child giving birds a drink at a fountain
  23. Chanticleer
  24. A third wing on the left side of a butterfly
  25. Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf
  26. An eagle and a large white dove turning one into the other
  27. An airplane hovering overhead
  28. A man in the midst of brightening influences
  29. Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge
  30. Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher's head