1. A case of apoplexy
  2. An epidemic of mumps
  3. A woman having her hair bobbed
  4. A man formally dressed and a deer with its horns folded
  5. Rock formations at the edge of a precipice
  6. An old-fashioned woman and a girl that is up-to-date
  7. The constellations in the sky
  8. A Bolshevik propagandist
  9. Glass blowers
  10. Early morning dew
  11. Children on a swing in a huge oak tree
  12. An evening lawn party
  13. An old sea captain rocking
  14. The human soul awaiting opportunity for expression
  15. A pageant
  16. Sunshine just after a storm
  17. A non vested church choir
  18. A teacher of chemistry
  19. A houseboat party
  20. The Zuni sun worshippers
  21. Chickens intoxicated
  22. A carrier pigeon
  23. A bareback rider
  24. An untidy, unkempt man
  25. A large camel crossing the desert
  26. A rainbow
  27. Daybreak
  28. Many little birds on the limb of a large tree
  29. A mermaid
  30. An unsealed letter