1. A grey vapour surrounding a bush of red roses upon which is a brilliantly coloured butterfly.
2. A heart crowned on the summit of a barren rock jutting out of the ocean--a bevy of white sea-birds in crescent form speeds towards it from the east.
3. A man tossing handfuls of seed to the earth, which, as soon as they touch, fructify and incline towards him.
4. The ringmaster in a circus arena urges a large white horse to gallop around; the lady gymnast standing on its back holds a fire hoop.
5. Two young men carrying huge bunches of large grapes on a pole between them, giving freely of the fruit to troops of children.
6. A judge in his robes of office handing a book to a student, who is stretching out his hands to receive it.
7. A beautiful white swan swimming on a smooth lake edged by lilies and grasses and pretty little wild flowers.
8. A leafless tree, on a plain, bending before a violent gale of wind, which whistles wildly through the branches.
9. A farmer driving a cart filled with fruit, at which birds are pecking.
10. A daintily dressed woman sitting by a placid lake, gazing intently at a man's face reflected in the water.
11. A monk on a rocky road giving drink and food to a poor traveler who has fallen by the way. A rayed anchor above his head.
12. Two diggers working on a mountain-slope unearth a large mass of glittering gold.
13. A judge in a court of law frowning at a man holding up a document.
14. A virgin clothed in white, with a bright star above her head, joining the hands of two men about to quarrel.
15. A student with lamp in hand, standing at the entrance of a cavern from which issue clouds of soft, light, rosy vapour.
16. A white dove, adorned with a rose-coloured ribbon to which is attached a little bell, standing on the right shoulder of a man drinking wine.
17. A sea-gull flying over the waters of the ocean.
18. A gaudily dressed herald blowing a trumpet, at the sound of which two knights, on a black and a white charger, rush to each other with set spears.
19. An archer, dressed in red, firing arrows at the Moon.
20. A flight of white eagles.
21. A race-horse with the number 3 on his saddle-cloth entering a course.
22. Hand holding a torch amidst the darkness.
23. St. Michael slaying the Dragon in a shower of black rain.
24. A prisoner having escaped from his prison is endeavoring to break his fetters with the aid of some large flinty stones.
25. A dense column of smoke from which issue flashes of lightning.
26. A giant of benevolent aspect, with his foot on a broken sword, tearing up the laws of the world by which men have been governed for centuries. Behind him are broken bags of golden coins, which are falling in a shower over a precipice.
27. An inventor having risen from his bench gazes admiringly at a remarkable engine which he has just completed.
28. A woman looking into a crystal ball in which confused images are reflected.
29. A man at a cross-road. Above him two spirits, one black, one white. Each strives to impress him, but his mind is too perplexed to understand either.
30. A huge ironstone rolling down a mountain-side strikes a clump of hard flint, causing a bright fiery flash.