1. A man, enraged, tearing a book in pieces.
  2. Two men deeply engrossed in a game of chess.
  3. Blacksmith striking anvil, the impact causing a dazzling display of bright light.
  4. Sword maker tempering a sword.
  5. An ancient temple from which shoot forth forks of electricity.
  6. An eagle with a snake in its beak.
  7. A winged horse flying over a fortress.
  8. A bundle of papers floating down a dark winding river under a starlit sky.
  9. An ancient Hellenistic warship lying on the seashore.
  10. A revolving star which throws off many colors and shades of color.
  11. Pretty little flowers growing on an old moss covered wall in an old green country lane.
  12. A galvanic battery resting on a rust iron stand.
  13. Water bubbling over rocks and flowing into a large river.
  14. A lad pouring water into a sieve instead of a large jug and watching two others fighting.
  15. A large ship ashore on an ironstone coast, waves dashing over her.
  16. An ancient warrior on his knees, with a cross-sword stuck in the ground before him, praying.
  17. A dagger with a jeweled hilt, stuck in a document.
  18. A ballet dancer who has just left the stage talking to some men who are flattering her.
  19. A woman flashily dressed and adorned with rings, bracelets, and numerous glittering jewels, looking with longing eyes in a jeweler's window.
  20. A handsome boy, climbing up a ladder, looking upwards to the heavens.
  21. A double headed giant, in his right hand a club, in his left a tree, roots and foliage.
  22. A tax gatherer demanding dues from a poor poet.
  23. A man blowing bubbles, a ledger at his feet.
  24. A wearied traveler on a wet dusty road obtaining a drink of water from a peasant girl.
  25. A moneylender counting his gains in front of a safe crowded with valuables.
  26. A pretty little bird standing on the back of a lion, singing.
  27. A king, holding an illuminated sun's disk on a spearhead, speaking to his ministers.
  28. A sailor steering a ship in a rough sea, looking anxiously ahead.
  29. A university professor lecturing to his students.
  30. A hand coming out from the heavens holding a pair of perfectly balanced scales, the star Venus glittering beneath.