1. A woman in the dress of a religious order struggling through a dark and storm-swept valley, a luminous anchor above her.
  2. A woman of angry countenance holding a dagger in her hand.
  3. A man of scornful face with a big sword in one hand, carrying a child.
  4. Two arrows crossed and surrounded by zones of glistening white light.
  5. A dark bank of cloud passing in front of the sun, cutting its rays from the earth.
  6. A man in a black robe carrying a black rod, on the top of which is a hand, the thumb held between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn, whilst the fingers of the Sun and Mercury are pointed upwards.
  7. A large ship on a calm sea in a dark starless night, a black bird of the raven order sitting on the mainmast top.
  8. Draught horse pulling a load of chains up a hill, at the top of which is a great revolving wheel.
  9. A burning oil well into which men are pouring quantities of water.
  10. A large metallic ball reflecting various colors.
  11. A fisherman with a net over his shoulder sitting on a basket, a group of people advancing towards him.
  12. A coiled serpent, above which is a grinning skull.
  13. An archer, with bloodstained dress, shooting at a stag.
  14. A human eye surrounded by a circle of flames.
  15. A painter at his easel in a forest upland, observing not the heavy black clouds which betray an approaching storm.
  16. A woman outside an old ruin under a starlit sky, a white angel on her right, a dark angel on her left. The stars -- the lamps outside the palaces of the Holy Ones -- are shining.
  17. Cupid holding a broken arrow in his right hand and a miniature anchor in his left.
  18. A horse's hoof, winged, crushing a butterfly.
  19. A wand divided by a star.
  20. A pleasure-boat on a picturesque river.
  21. A giant tidal wave.
  22. A dog on a wall baying the moon.
  23. A bee stinging a roaring lion.
  24. A bag of gold money falling into the ocean.
  25. A ruined castle by a waterfall, near which is a naked woman holding a bunch of grapes to an old philosopher who, seated on a rock, is studying a manuscript.
  26. Two girls on a seesaw gaily dressed, a man in motley in the center holding a cup of wine in his hand.
  27. Mercury holding up his caduceus in his right hand and with his left helping a fallen man to rise.
  28. A simply dressed woman breaking a sword over her knee. In the heavens above, masses of dark clouds are scudding before the rising sun.
  29. A chariot decorated with garlands of flowers, broken down on the roadway.
  30. A shield, with a gorgon's head embossed on it, attached to a column.