1. A king stepping from his carriage receiving a document from a group of citizens.
  2. A roll of papers having dropped from the hand of a dying scholar is eagerly caught up by an eminent professor on whose face there is a look of triumph.
  3. A huge human head. From the left eye emanates a ray of black vapour, from the right a ray of yellow, and from the centre of the forehead a ray of white.
  4. An ambassador leaving the presence of a prince who is smiling significantly to his chancellor.
  5. A lawyer placing a document before a client, who signs it. His eyes are bandaged.
  6. A lion crouching in a jungle with a large bird of the eagle type in his mouth.
  7. A book, on which is a crown, resting on a golden throne.
  8. Two lovers walking in a forest glade. Before them are two doves and a brilliantly coloured butterfly.
  9. A lady, elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels, standing before a mirror.
  10. A soldier rescuing a wounded comrade on a field of battle-a dark, sinister figure rising behind him.
  11. A troop of old barbarian soldiers carrying off struggling women.
  12. A man of martial and distinguished bearing giving alms to the poor.
  13. An old oak-tree over which shines the noonday sun in a clear sky.
  14. Two men tossing coins whilst another looks on.
  15. A mass of black rock in the centre of which is a large diamond.
  16. A pyramid in the midst of a sand waste, with lowering black clouds about it.
  17. An architect standing by a desk with the plans of a building before him.
  18. Two gold-miners seated near mining machinery examining a strange metal unknown to modern science, which they have found amongst the quartz.
  19. A giant holding a number of bleeding hearts pierced on his sword.
  20. A violin and bow lying on some sheets of music.
  21. A man in the robes of a magician tracing mystic signs on the sands of the seashore in the silence of night..
  22. A man carrying a bird in a golden cage.
  23. A trumpet made from a ram's horn bathed in the sun's rays.
  24. An old rusty sword, over which grass is growing, outside a rustic cottage.
  25. A poet reading his verses to a group of ladies in an old castle garden.
  26. Two hands clasped under a floral crown.
  27. A bleeding hand holding a thorny orange branch on which the fruit is growing.
  28. A stream of oil falling from mid-air upon the troubled waters beneath.
  29. A man climbing a ladder and helping others who strive behind him. At the top, a veiled figure holds out to him a wreath of stars.
  30. A ship's steward carrying a bowl of enchanting white lilies.