1. Two Ionic columns adorned with globes--a burst of flame issuing out of clouds behind.
2. A military officer seated on a heap of arms studying a map which he holds in his hands.
3. A composer standing before a large organ, with a scroll of music in his hand.
4. A human face, the expression calm and serene, a silvery triangle pointing upwards below, a dark square above.
5. Little children playing near an old wrecked ship on the seashore.
6. An analytical chemist holding up to the light a test-tube in which is a dull green liquid.
7. A white ship with sails set on a peaceful ocean, over which the full moon is throwing a silvery light.
8. A winged horse in mid-air with the Sun above its head.
9. A hand holding a document on which is a crown and royal seal.
10. A hospital nurse whose face expresses sympathy and sacrifice, tending a sick man.
11. Interior of a stock exchange, a number of men shouting, jostling each other, & holding up papers.
12. An accountant puzzling over a ledger, which he is struggling to balance.
13. Two men playing at cards, a man standing behind one player making signs to his opponent.
14. A man in a forest handing to another an open box full of jewels which he has just stolen form an adjacent castle.
15. A wounded soldier drawing an arrow from his arm. A dog is howling near-by.
16. A sword lying shattered before a cross of stone.
17. A blind giant in full armour hitting out wildly with a huge battle-axe at nothing.
18. An eagle wounded in flight swoops to a mountain ridge, where a brood of young ones rise from the drops of blood.
19. A mountaineer, climbing in the darkness and violent storm which has blown away his cloak and hat, saved from falling down a ridge by a flash of lightning.
20. A drunken reveler holding a skull in his hands.
21. An old man in a graveyard, standing under a cypress-tree, watching a form rising from a tomb.
22. A heap of stones over which ivy is growing.
23. A triangular-shaped hill. On one side the sun is shining on pleasant paths and beautiful foliage--the other side is dark and gloomy.
24. A beautiful woman giving bread to a crowd of starving people. Behind her, through the mists, an Intelligence places a crown of a bright strange metal.
25. A hand issuing from the heavens holding a great scroll on which is shining a pentagram.
26. A broken trident falling into the sea.
27. A man seated at a table, gloomily looking at a violin with broken strings before him.
28. A number of workmen building a railway track through barren country.
29. A child blowing a steel glove from a cube of stone.
30. A maiden bound to a stake smiling at an angel. Near-by lie three dead bats.