1. A ball of fire bursting across a rainbow.
2. A man with a sword in his hand falling through a skylight of coloured glass.
3. A prince saving a child from a burning castle.
4. A mailed hand holding a dagger with a bent point.
5. A feudal knight in full armor on the walls of his castle defying an army. A mystery player at the back strikes a six-stringed harp and the walls crumble and fall.
6. A metalsmith in his workshop fixing a Mercury caduceus in a base of copper. Around are scattered various metals and instruments.
7. A man saving himself from falling into a deep cavern by clutching a wild rose-tree. The thorns cut into his flesh but the plant supports him.
8. A silver axe shattering a shield of iron.
9. A Roman general gaudily appareled receiving a wreath of flowers from an empress.
10. A ship illumined with the rosy rays of morning sailing towards the rising sun.
11. A little child tying a ribbon round a lamb's neck, the flock playfully frolicking around.
12. A druid cutting the acorn from the sacred oak with a sickle of silver.
13. A bright steel cross-sword with a handle of gleaming copper, above it a heart of gold from which stream shafts of golden light.
14. A man on a mountain gazing sadly into the valley where some are fighting for a bag of gold while a monkey is eating their food. On his right the spirit of Truth; on his left the spirit of Love; behind him the spirit of hate, holding on to his garment.
15. A Crusading knight with red cross on white corselet sinking in the quicksands, an Arab mocking at him from the safe ground he has left.
16. Wild flowers growing amidst the corn in a sunlit field.
17. A beautiful woman, richly dressed, reclining on a couch, with fruits and gold around her, at her hand an opened book on an ornate table of white marble.
18. The goddess Venus holding out her hands to a wounded soldier, who is painfully trying to reach her.
19. A harp resting against an altar, from which a volume of smoke arises.
20. A blacksmith hammering a piece of red-hot iron on an anvil.
21. A man struggling with a fierce serpent whilst others armed with large knives are hurrying to aid him.
22. A pilgrim crossing himself in front of an ancient temple, an overdressed official and a soldier mocking him.
23. A king absorbed in the flatteries of a courtier whose mistress is stealing important documents from a drawer.
24. A youth grasping a beautiful woman, who turns into a skeleton in his arms.
25. An old man with a scythe cutting down a field of nettles.
26. The governor of a city surrendering the keys to a dark frowning conqueror.
27. A huge hour-glass, the sands in which are running low.
28. A lapidary holding in his hand a magnificent amethyst, at which he gazes admiringly.
29. An artist laying a mosaic pavement in a large public building. He works slowly and with great patience.
30. A man endeavoring to subdue a raging forest fire with a pail of water.