1. A human head in a mass of clouds, which are rose-tinted by the rising sun.
  2. A large mulberry-tree laden with fruit, around which are many birds.
  3. A white-haired man, holding a cross before him, walking over a mosaic pavement.
  4. A beautiful fountain throwing upwards delicate sprays of yellow-tinted water, a jeweled crown showing in the mists.
  5. A nautilus shell being driven, on the sea, before the wind towards a rocky shore.
  6. A lady raising her white-gloved hand to receive a jeweled crown surrounded by a strange light which is floating towards her.
  7. A naked foot bleeding; above, a burning lamp.
  8. A soldier endeavoring to escape from a prison cell through a barred window.
  9. A large, bright, military shield lying on a mountain, from which stream rays reflecting shafts of brilliant light.
  10. A woman, blind and in chains, in a magnificent and brilliantly lighted room.
  11. Flowers twined round a scepter.
  12. A beautiful woman tending a dove with injured wing. On a table a manuscript, a bundle of letters, and an open book.
  13. A veiled figure, seated on a rock, pointing to a radiated human eye in mid-air.
  14. Man writing, with a quill pen in each hand, in front of him a flickering oil-lamp. His face betrays anxiety.
  15. A woman seated on an anchor, a rudder in her hand and an opened book at her feet.
  16. A ship running before the wind with bare poles. The sea, black and angry, is illumined by a ray of moonlight which shines through a break in the heavy clouds.
  17. A crab on an inverted triangle, above which are two hands tugging at a laurel wreath.
  18. A lion running down a dreary and barren field at the end of which is a V-shaped road. On the one side are hunters armed, on the other a rocky entrance leads to sunlit lawns.
  19. Setting sun shining on a waterfall, giving it the appearance of golden water.
  20. A quaint old chest standing in an old hall, a large key on the floor before it. Around are pieces of armour and old instruments of music. On the top of the chest is a dog asleep.
  21. A man with chains on his wrists appealing to a crowd of people.
  22. A number of men saving volumes of books from the flames which are enveloping a library building.
  23. A musician playing a curious instrument of the organ type. In the foreground a large St. Andrew's cross, one limb of a dark, cloudy substance, the other white.
  24. A woman neatly attired, with her hand on a tomb, looking sorrowfully on a flower-covered grave.
  25. A victor in a duel with a look of agony breaking his sword over his knee.
  26. Three fires blazing above three triangular hills, a cross sword floating in air above.
  27. A man of strong build locking securities in a great iron safe in the turret-room of an old castle.
  28. A spire on top of a pyramid, at the base of which is a horse with a manuscript in his mouth.
  29. Forked lightning surrounded by stars amidst storm-clouds.
  30. Wavy rays of light, in shape like a huge wheel, reflecting on a blue evening sky.