Jeanne Duzéa (1874-1954) was an astrologer and one of the founders of the Center for Astrological Studies of France. She authored many astrology textbooks. For some reason, her fame wouldn't go beyond the circles of more specialised practitioners.

Before World War II, in 1938, Janduz published Les 360 Degrés du Zodiaque, an illustrated volume based on the interpretation of The Volasfera by Antonio Borelli which she expanded upon making changes based on insights into the Kabbalah and a deeper meaning of the fixed stars. Yet all these symbolic scenes, in this book illustrated by her associate Claude Lhuer, go back to the Theban Calendar of Ancient Egypt, who had envisioned them perhaps as a more natural representation of the Harvest year. Simply offering a glyph for each day depicting the Matrix of time overall.

Janduz was born in France, Lyon, on 1874-06-24 06:12 and died by her own hand on March 24th 1954 at the age of 80.

Janduz 360 Degrés-min