1. While a winged woman holds with both hands a sword pointed downward, an athlete grasps a bull by its horns and strikes it down.
2. A dying man lying on the ground under sunset's beams. Limply reclining on a small chariot pulled by a horse, a half-naked woman passes by.
3. A mature woman fills up many baskets with the grapes she is picking. Another woman under a large robe is concealing her face and watches.
4. A lion angered by a piece of burning wood tries to catch it with its paw, while a sort of fury (a Gorgone) aimlessly cracks a whip.
5. A good man chopping wood, surrounded by an orchard loaded with fruits, a meadow with ewes grazing, and a shed in which an ox is resting.
6. A man at the top of his game stands up with a scroll in hand, a laurel wreath on his head. A three-headed man looks in different directions.
7. In a corner of a parc grazes a good cow, while a bit further there is a pretty woman coyly admiring herself in a hand mirror.
8. An old man striving to fish a few branches out of a river in flood, while his wife, seated on a rock and wrapped up in her own sorrow, seems indifferent.
9. A large man of happy and guileless nature stands in the midst of his cattle and fowls that he's feeding or are grazing around him.
10. While an ox sleeps under the sun, two blackbirds perch on its back. A nice dog is playing with two cheerful women near a serpent.
11. A crowned man seated on a throne with a sceptre in hand, tokens of wealth scattered round. Perched on a candelabra a crow watches him with envy.
12. Two butterflies flutter slowly their wings as they are resting on an orange colored flower beside two women holding their hands clasped and entwined.
13. Two dogs chasing each other — the one has a bone in its mouth — while two gossips are shouting insults at one another, ready to hit.
14. Tools and devices are tidily kept in a small carpenter shop, with the door wide open; but the boss barrs the entrance with a rod he holds across.
15. A middle aged man is seated at a table with a big book and scientific tools, pensive. He looks up and sees a flight of seven ibises flapping by his window.
16. Two white cows in the jungle don't see the tiger that is ready to pounce. A woman assembles two roses she just plucked from a rosebush, one light, one dark.
17. Amid a barren landscape, a man is swimming against the current of a river, as on the bank, a bull tied to a tree tries to free himself.
18. In a farm yard, two bulls charge and butthead, and in another corner two billy goats confront each other with their horns.
19. A lightly dressed woman is lying in a flowery field near to her friend who plays by the bank of a river pouring water from one amphora into another.
20. On the table of a country kitchen there is a crow perched on a water pitcher watching the two pet dogs suddenly bite one another.
21. An owl perched in a tree watches a snake coiling around a branch. Below, a bear, taking shelter under shrubberies, turns its head and bares its teeth.
22. In the middle of a grassy field, a beautiful tree is the shelter of a swarm of bees. Under the tree, two men exchange a hearty shakehand.
23. A king is seated on a throne in the company of his followers. A silhouette wrapped in black stands behind him. In front of him, a man falls flat on his back.
24. In a dried-up river bed a few crows are pecking for some leftovers that a poor wretch, leaning on a bending reed, seems to quibble about.
25. A growling lion is crawling at the feet of a quite domineering man, who is standing upright both hands held upon a big club.
26. A fair-haired woman holds a child by the hand while she is picking flowers in the countryside. A kind man lends a hand to help them cross a ford.
27. An alchemist is working in his laboratory. On the table there is a heap of gold coins. The window overlooks a field covered with wheat.
28. A man strives in vain to climb a pole while children laugh at his clumsiness. An exhausted woman holding a horse by the bridle walks towards them.
29. A mighty man holding a whip pushes two enchained slaves before him. He is followed by a wild woman who pulls a billy goat by its horns.
30. In the patio of a beautiful mansion, a man wearing lavish clothes lies on a sofa surrounded with servants and sycophants.